Stress and anxiety


Research suggests that stress can elevate your risk of a heart attack by 27 percent. The elevated risk can be so severe that it is comparable to smoking five cigarettes, each day.

Hypnotherapy for stress relief can be enormously effective way to combat stress and anxiety, described as a “massage” for the mind, hypnotherapy provides deep relaxation. The sessions are designed for you individually and enable you to enjoy time devoted 100% to your well-being.

During our first session together, we will discuss your current situation and work together to devise a plan for your sessions. The first session includes a relaxation session to give you the boost that you need in preparation for your next appointment.

Everyone experiences stress in their life through relationships, work, health, financials etc. Its understandable how  for things to get on top of us. Hypnotherapy can help reduce your stress levels and put you back on a healthier track.

If you feel life is getting stressful, feel free to reach out by email or phone with some detail on what’s on your mind. I can use this information to help offer some strategic planning to help combat your issues and book an a appointment.