Breaking a smoking habit


Hypnosis can be extremely effective, you will be astounded by the simplicity of the work & the speed of results.

The therapy offers a two-part approach to breaking a smoking habit.

Part I: This part enables me to learn about your smoking habits to create your personal smoking cessation session. This involves discussions on preparing to stop, ensuring you are ready to stop for yourself and that your motivations are not pressured by others. This session involves setting goals & dates, cutting down and working toward a new healthier (and wealthier) you. The session includes some relaxation hypnotherapy that will prepare for part two.

Part II: During the second session, you will become a non-smoker. The session takes you into deep hypnosis where you will experience life as a non-smoker. This session leaves you feeling powerful and confident to go forward to a smoke-free life.

‘Hypnosis is the most effective method to stop smoking according to the largest ever scientific comparison of ways of breaking the habit.

Researchers from the University of Iowa carried out a review of more than 600 studies (72000 people) to ascertain the most effective way to stop smoking. The results published in the Journal of Applied Psychology, concluded that hypnosis was many times more effective than Nicotine replacement in all forms. Also the most permanent cessation results were found” - New Scientist Volume 136