‘Night sweats are hot flushes while you sleep, because catching fire in the day was not enough!”

We all like to laugh but the menopause is no joke, it can cause havoc in your life; hot flushes, fatigue, mental fogginess, mood swings, aches and pains due to bone-loss (just to name a few!). If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms then try hypnotherapy which can reduced or even possibly eliminate these effects. 

Studies at Baylor University, Texas (2007) investigated use of hypnotherapy in treatment for breast cancer patients. Research showed successful outcomes for cancer patients but in additional a 70% decrease in menopausal hot flush volumes that women experienced over course of treatment.

Using hypnotherapy  to reduce stress and anxiety which in turn will lower your blood pressure, high blood pressure is a trigger for  hot flushes. With hypnosis, I can help you feel as though you are standing in front of a 7 foot tall electric fan, blowing, ice-cold air all over your body or I can help you feel as though you are swimming in a cool beautiful pool, gliding across the water. Hypnotherapy can help you face the future with confidence, increasing relaxation bringing calm into your life and helping  you  gain control, so that you are ready to begin the finest chapter of your life yet.