Virtual Gastric Band Surgery - Certified Gastric Band Hypnosis Practitioner

If you have a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or above, you should consider undergoing virtual gastric band hypnosis.


Bariatric surgery is completed under a general anesthetic where the surgeon places a band around the upper part of your stomach to create a new, smaller pouch in which to hold food. The pouch can withhold significantly smaller volumes of food, leaving you feeling “full” more quickly and ultimately enabling weight loss by reducing your daily calorie intake.


However, physical surgery withholds risk, particularly if you already have an elevated BMI. If you’ve been thinking about gastric band surgery, but are wary of the risk and cost, gastric band hypnosis offers you a low-risk and low-cost alternative.


The gastric band hypnosis weight loss program requires a total of four sessions inclusive of identification of underlying psychological reasons that contribute to your eating habits, understanding of patterns and behaviors (do you eat when you are bored? do you never feel full?). Together, we will then work to resolve issues, replacing unhealthy emotional support systems with healthier ones.


As we move through the course of treatment we will gradually prepare for the gastric band procedure. The session will be centered around fitting the band around your stomach; leaving you feeling comfortable and in control of meeting your nutritional needs. This procedure will leave you feeling confident in fighting your food cravings and with a desire to eat, smaller, more nutritional meals. As the weight beings to drop off, a new, vital person evolves ready to take on the joy life has to offer.